Abelard and heloise essay

In conclusion, there were a handful of instances that Abelard and Heloise had opposing viewpoints on medieval men and women especially in the consideration of women's spiritual status; yet in many occasions found in letters, they both showed consistent gender views that men are superior to women. This well conforms to the traditional medieval thinking built upon the Aristotle and Tertullian views, which adequately support the argument that Abelard and Heloise, despite their seemingly radical thoughts, could not entirely escape from the medieval worldview. Nonetheless, their continual efforts to question and reason with the authorities have certainly made the society go forward. And indeed, the central medieval society began to experience the cultural awakening with the influx of new texts and ideas (MESH, 296). We living in 21st century have more resources than any other civilizations ever had.

Abelard and heloise essay

abelard and heloise essay


abelard and heloise essayabelard and heloise essayabelard and heloise essayabelard and heloise essay