Abortion controversy essays

Isn’t the ability to make a decision one of humanity’s strongest attributes? It seems like many of the opponents of abortion don’t understand this at all. The tone of anti-abortion rhetoric is often offensive in that it paints a picture in which our abortion laws force women to choose abortion over life… I also can’t help but notice that when affluent “liberals” choose abortion they are murderers, but when “minorities” have abortion they are portrayed as being stupid and misguided (forced by someone? to have abortions). This is so overtly racist it boggles my mind… Poor people still have the ability to make informed decisions, whatever their skin color. Why don’t these conservative folks host fundraisers that support poor mothers? Well, that would be “doing something,” which is scary, and besides, that would be socialist, which is “un-American.”

Abortion controversy essays

abortion controversy essays


abortion controversy essaysabortion controversy essaysabortion controversy essaysabortion controversy essays