Are athletes overpaid essay

Awarded with the Silver Slugger Award, three Gold Gloves, and three All-Star appearances with the Toronto Blue Jays between 2003 and 2010,  Vernon Wells  has undoubtedly had his success in the MLB. However, after signing a gargantuan seven-year, $126 million contract with Toronto, he proved that his best years were in fact behind him. Wells suffered a slew of injuries soon after the deal and Toronto traded him to the Los Angeles Angels in 2011. Wells was once again traded to the New York Yankees in exchange for Kramer Sneed and Exicardo Cayones in 2013. The Yankees agreed to pay $ million of the $42 million remaining on his contract. But what do the Yankees care about money?

Of course, perhaps they’re just as bitter as I am about the hypocrisy in NCAA sanctions… USC lost scholarships and two seasons of postseason rights due to Reggie Bush and OJ Mayo’s problems.  The penalties and some choice quotes ( http:///2011/08/17/paul-dee-or-how-i-learned-to-stop-worrying-and-love-the-hypocrisy/ ) were handed down by Paul Dee, the Athletic Director for the University of Miami.  Now Miami has 70+ players in hot water from the time Paul Dee was in charge.  Lovely!  We’ll see if the eventual punishment is comparable.

Are athletes overpaid essay

are athletes overpaid essay


are athletes overpaid essayare athletes overpaid essayare athletes overpaid essayare athletes overpaid essay