Bar council essay competition winners

DISCLAIMER:  Rule III(t) of the Arkansas Rules Governing Admission to the Bar provides:  "The top examination paper in each subject shall be available for review in the Office of the Supreme Court Library and the libraries of any American Bar Association accredited law school in Arkansas, but the name of the author shall not be disclosed."  In compliance with this rule the Arkansas State Board of Law Examiners is releasing these papers.  Members of the Board note that many papers may have significant deficiencies in styles, draftsmanship and organization.  Indeed, some may fail to recognize issues and may have reached erroneous legal conclusions.  Those who review these papers are cautioned that numerous elements enter into the determination of the "top paper" including the perceived writing, analytical and reasoning ability as well as knowledge of the law.  These papers are not perfect papers but are examples of the better papers.  They should be used merely as one of many guidelines in preparing for the examination.  With few exceptions, the transcribed copy of any hand written answer appears exactly as it was written.  This includes spelling errors, grammatical errors, as well as the format.

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Crown Office Chambers is one of the foremost sets of chambers specialising in civil common law work. Formed by the merger of One Paper Buildings and Two Crown Office Row, both long established sets with many leading and highly-regarded practitioners, we are now a set of 98 members, including 19 silks. We have high-calibre teams of counsel in a number of areas of work, ranging from county court disputes to large and complex litigation, and have state-of-the-art facilities.

Posted: 25 November 2015 

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Bar council essay competition winners

bar council essay competition winners


bar council essay competition winnersbar council essay competition winnersbar council essay competition winnersbar council essay competition winners