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In later essays, Berger wrote about photography, art, politics, and memory. He published in The Shape of a Pocket a correspondence with Subcomandante Marcos , [29] and penned short stories that appeared in The Threepenny Review and The New Yorker . His sole volume of poetry is Pages of the Wound , though other volumes, such as the theoretical essay And Our Faces, My Heart, Brief as Photos contain poetry. His later novels include To the Wedding , a love story dealing with the AIDS crisis, [7] [30] and King: A Street Story , a novel about homelessness and shantytown life told from the perspective of a stray dog. [4] [30] Initially, Berger insisted that his name be kept off the cover and title page of King , wanting the novel to be received on its own merits. [31]

Peter’s marriage to fellow sociologist Brigitte Kellner, herself a distinguished scholar (and survivor of a Nazi concentration camp), was one of the greatest I’ve ever witnessed. And in the two years since Brigitte’s death in 2015, Peter’s first response to my telephonic inquiries about how he was doing was always the same: He spoke of how much he missed his wife. But then we moved on to the other staple of our conversation, the exchange of new jokes we had heard. I have known some great storytellers, but I have rarely met anyone who reveled in jokes as much as Peter did — especially jokes that ethnic or national groups told about themselves, thereby revealing (wittingly or not) some of their deepest characteristics.

The book has contributed to feminist readings of popular culture , through essays that focus particularly on how women are portrayed in advertisements and oil paintings. [6] Ways of Seeing is considered [ by whom? ] a seminal text for current [ when? ] studies of visual culture and art history . "Berger, who died on 2 January [2017] at the age of 90, has had a profound influence on the popular understanding of art and the visual image," according to Sociologists Yasmin Gunaratnam and Vikki Bell. [7]

Berger essays

berger essays


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