Best science essays 2009

Right on Lynnae, it is amazing how many people will endlessly dissect anything in the Bible, but will uncritically accept claims of “science” without the slightest question.
Try watching the Ben Stein video “Expelled” and you will realize how badly our current “science” is distorted. The truth is: nothing you read or hear is anything more or less than somebody’s justification of their own bias.
This is why Christians follow the Bible – it comes from a higher source – untainted by human bias and distotion.

I’ve written more about this, from some conversations with friends and colleagues last fall. It’s here, in this PDF called “Design Fiction: A short essay on design, science, fact and fiction.” It started at that discussion group with Paul in 2005 or 2006, and evolved into something I presented last fall at the Design Engaged ’08 workshop in Montreal, then the SHiFT 08 conference in Lisbon last October, then at the Moving Movie Industry conference, finally at the O’Reilly ETech 2009 conference .

Best science essays 2009

best science essays 2009


best science essays 2009best science essays 2009best science essays 2009best science essays 2009