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A failure, like the case itself and the accusations that Cosby has been the subject of the past several years, that McMonagle today blamed on the accusers and the media. “You know why we’re here?” he asked the jury in today’s closing argument. “Let’s look each other in the eye and talk about why we’re here,” he added dramatically. “We’re not here because of Andrea Constand. That was over in 2005. We’re here because of this nonsense. We’re here because of them,” McMonagle concluded, pointing at onlookers in the courtroom, including members of the press and other women who have said Bill Cosby drugged and assaulted them.

To empower Brown with a guest-starring opportunity on such a prominent black show—which, mind you, employs black female activists who have repeatedly spoken out on issues that women of color face in entertainment—seems counterintuitive and disrespectful to viewers who hold the show in high esteem. No matter what the intention, this casting choice reeks of enabling. It provides a blank check for a clearly ill person to continue to inflict harm on himself and those around him. Meanwhile, it sends the message that virtually any behavior is easily forgiven when ratings are at stake.

In 1996, Southampton College at Long Island University (now a campus of SUNY Stony Brook ) awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Amphibious Letters to Muppet Kermit the Frog . Although some students objected to awarding a degree to a Muppet, Kermit delivered an enjoyable commencement address and the small college received considerable press coverage. [36] The degree was conferred in recognition of efforts in the area of environmentalism. Said the university: "His theme song, ' It's Not Easy Bein' Green ,' has become a rallying cry of the environmental movement. Kermit has used his celebrity to spread positive messages in public service announcements for the National Wildlife Federation , National Park Service , the Better World Society, and others." [37]

Bill cosby phd dissertation

bill cosby phd dissertation


bill cosby phd dissertationbill cosby phd dissertationbill cosby phd dissertationbill cosby phd dissertation