Biology coursework on osmosis

****A well constructed procedure demonstrating good scientific knowledge.
The experiment was trialled and the procedure modified. There was a qualitative prediction supported by scientific evidence. The main error was the inclusion of an apparatus list which belonged to an entirely different experiment.
Carrying out
The candidate has presented the results of the pilot experiment and main experiment in a fairly clear and organized way. The range and number of repeats was acceptable.
Analysis and Evaluation
There was evidence of good processing of results- calculations of mean and rate of reaction. The conclusion was explained well using scientific theory. The student has considered the reliability of the evidence and made some sensible suggestions to improve the method. It might have been improved if another method could have been suggested such as the inclusion of a buffer to maintain pH and the measuring of colour using a colorimeter. The student does not have to have the equipment available to carry out a different technique.

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Biology coursework on osmosis

biology coursework on osmosis


biology coursework on osmosisbiology coursework on osmosisbiology coursework on osmosisbiology coursework on osmosis