Black skin white mask essay

Description :  Robert Kuhn is looking forward to a nice evening in the brothel: First he enjoys the strip show, then he runs with his chosen ones back to a room. A short time later, he was arrested and the black lady, with whom he had spent the night, is with life-threatening injuries in hospital. Robert’s wife Lola is shocked when she learns of it: But her husband’s brothel shocked her, but that her husband should have pushed the prostitutes out of the window, they can not believe. In order to prove the innocence of her husband, Lola examined for the brothel where he meets Lena know that lesbian friend and colleague of the victim. By Lena gets the naive Lola in a maelstrom of sex, love and lesbian lust .

Method 4: The Channel Mixer
Staying within the context of mixing and calculating channel values, another powerful option is the aptly named Channel Mixer. This command allows us to mix the values of each of the channels, providing us with an enormous variety of combinations. In this shot there should be no mistaking the flower from the leaves and stem. However, after desaturation the greens and pinks merge.

Make sure the RGB composite channel is active, then go to Image > Adjustments > Channel Mixer . Enable the Monochrome checkbox. Changing the percentage values for each of the Red, Green, and Blue channels will dramatically influence the image. Traditional black-and-white photographers might consider using a green color filter here, as this will lighten the greens of the foliage and darken the pink flower (pink is almost complementary to green). To emulate this in the Channel Mixer, change the values by boosting green and diminishing red.

Black skin white mask essay

black skin white mask essay


black skin white mask essayblack skin white mask essayblack skin white mask essayblack skin white mask essay