Black typewriter carbon paper

In 1991, over 62,000 metric tons of carbon paper were produced in the United States. However, during the same period, over 600,000 metric tons of carbonless transfer paper were manufactured. Ideal for handwritten records, carbonless paper utilizes chemically coated sheets that react under pressure, producing a colored image. Although carbonless paper weighs significantly more than carbon paper and is less suitable for typewritten and computerized records, its demand is increasing at the expense of carbon paper. (This demand for "regular" paper can also be attributed to the increasing availability of photocopiers.) It is likely that, as electronic communication becomes more prevalent, carbon paper will become obsolete. Presently, though, there is enough demand from businesses that utilize carbon paper for credit card receipts and computerized records to insure the survival of this simple, inexpensive product for some time to come.

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Black typewriter carbon paper

black typewriter carbon paper


black typewriter carbon paperblack typewriter carbon paperblack typewriter carbon paperblack typewriter carbon paper