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KINGSTON, Jamaica — The University of Technology says Dr Garth Officer, who was killed by unknown assailants on Friday, had completed studies for a doctorate of medical dentistry and was to graduate the institution this year.
In a statement from the university condemning the murder, Dean of the College of Oral Health Sciences, Dr Irving McKenzie, was quoted as saying: "Dr Officer was an excellent ambassador for UTech, Jamaica, who chose to be a part of the UTech family to make a difference.  He had just completed his course of study for the Doctorate of Medical Dentistry in preparation for graduation this year.”
UTech said its community and especially faculty, staff and students in the College of Oral Health Sciences are deeply saddened by the vicious killing of Officer.
President of the institution, Professor Stephen Vasciannie said “the life of another of Jamaica’s talented sons has been snuffed out by a senseless murder. The University offers its deepest condolences to the family and friends of Dr Officer who must be experiencing enormous grief at this time.”
The statement said Officer was a medical doctor, nutritionist and chiropractor. He was gunned down outside his St Andrew home on March 17.
Reports from the Grant's Pen police are that they were summoned at about 4:30 pm after residents heard explosions, and discovered Officer in the driver's seat of his vehicle, slumped over the steering wheel.
He had suffered several gunshot wounds.

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Buy a doctorate dissertation online

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