Conclusion of animal rights essays

The reported 2016 theft of an estimated $22,000 in Berea ARF adoption fee revenues is still under active investigation by law enforcement officials. Because the investigation is ongoing, the information that can be shared at this time is limited. ARF board members and staff are cooperating fully with the ongoing investigation, and will provide public status updates as soon as they become available.
Upon the discovery of potential theft late last year, ARF immediately put into place a series of additional new security procedures to eliminate the possibility of future misappropriation of funds. Since these policies and procedures have been implemented, no further occurrences have happened.
ARF Directors look forward to a swift conclusion to the investigation, and to providing full support to our dedicated volunteers, adopters and donors as they continue to work toward our important mission.

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Conclusion of animal rights essays

conclusion of animal rights essays


conclusion of animal rights essaysconclusion of animal rights essaysconclusion of animal rights essaysconclusion of animal rights essays