Cyber terrorism term paper

Despite the fact that many observers deem that terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda do not rely on cyber attacks to achieve their ends, there is enough evidence material indicating the opposite. As it may seem probable from the late events connected to cyber attacks across the globe, there is an impending cyber threat. Without doubt, the terrorists desire to explore every option to cause great damage to their targets. Apparently, cyberspace provides a new battleground which every self-respecting opportunist would be willing to exploit either for criminal activities or cyber attacks at a minor or large scale.

The mobilization and sustainability of political will is critical. As top-down, so bottom-up approaches to leadership in the sphere of security have to be constructed. A broad, deep and inter-disciplinary knowledge and specialization of the field has to be established and shared. Influence of the media and strong advocacy towards policy-makers will ensure a comprehensive understanding and tackling of the issues. A realist plan of action with details and targets has to be set and structural processes- as institutional, so organizational- will prove beneficial in advancing the strategic practice and implementation of policies (Evans, Kawaguchi, 2009).

The FBI’s Cyber Initiative and Resource Fusion Unit (CIRFU) maximizes and develops intelligence and analytical resources received from law enforcement, academia, international, and critical corporate private sector subject matter experts to identify and combat significant actors involved in current and emerging cyber-related criminal and national security threats. CIRFU’s core capabilities include a partnership with the National Cyber Forensics and Training Alliance (NCFTA) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where the unit is collocated with CIRFU. NCFTA acts as a neutral platform through which the unit develops and maintains liaison with hundreds of formal and informal working partners who share real-time threat information and best practices and collaborate on initiatives to target and mitigate cyber threats domestically and abroad.

Cyber terrorism term paper

cyber terrorism term paper


cyber terrorism term papercyber terrorism term papercyber terrorism term papercyber terrorism term paper