Elizabethan fate beliefs essays

Henry Viii didn’t close down all the ‘corrupt Catholic Churches ” which were not corrupt anyway, as England remained Catholic. There were some corrupt practices, he removed some statues, although others remained and reformed some of the liturgical services. Henry swung back and forth on reform. He raided the monasteries for their land and alleged wealth and destroyed shrines because he wanted money. Other tombs and shrines were left alone. What has Cardinal Wolsey got to do with anything? This is just another red herring argument. Yes he lived an extravagant lifestyle, but so did others. Many ordinary priests did not and few actually profitted anyway as they paid high taxation. Bishop John Fisher was most certainly not corrupt or rich and to say he deserves to die because he disagreed over the divorce is ridiculous. He is regarded by many as one of the holiest people in history.

I am English by birth but moved first to Canada at age 10, then the . in my early teens. My mom told me about white witches as a child and I never thought badly about so called witchcraft. I have always had a strong belief in the power of the universe, and no, I am not a nut, but, I have practised white witchcraft. An examlple of that would be getting rid of a wart for someone. It works and there is no evil involved, in fact a white witch would never use witchcraft for bad, ever. My point was that many Americans still harbor prejudices about witchcraft and I would never speak of it unless I am sure the person is open minded and not mixing up witchcraft with Satanism. Many people think the two are interchangable. I read Tarot and always say a prayer to God first and ask Him to quide me. We are so enlightened now, but even so many poeple would fit in well in the Salem of old.

Elizabethan fate beliefs essays

elizabethan fate beliefs essays


elizabethan fate beliefs essayselizabethan fate beliefs essayselizabethan fate beliefs essayselizabethan fate beliefs essays