Essay about true love waits

However, it turns out my theories about why I came to love my husband may be just so much hogwash. Evolutionary psychology has said good riddance to Freud and the Oedipal complex and all that other transcendent stuff and hello to simple survival skills. It hypothesizes that we tend to see as attractive, and thereby choose as mates, people who look healthy. And health, say these evolutionary psychologists, is manifested in a woman with a 70 percent waist-to-hip ratio and men with rugged features that suggest a strong supply of testosterone in their blood. Waist-to-hip ratio is important for the successful birth of a baby, and studies have shown this precise ratio signifies higher fertility. As for the rugged look, well, a man with a good dose of testosterone probably also has a strong immune system and so is more likely to give his partner healthy children.

Apart from and more central to playing rhythms correctly - so they sound and feel good - Jaki the professed non-teacher advised drummers to "play what the stick wants." He also said: "You can't improve the drum." He believed there are purely physical elements that determine both the course of the improvised drum "composition" and how well it is being played. Due to the mass, the speed and how the drum behaves, there are movements that somehow function well - for the stick - and that a drummer shouldn't oppose the sticks' aims but follow them.

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Essay about true love waits

essay about true love waits


essay about true love waitsessay about true love waitsessay about true love waitsessay about true love waits