Essay cinderella man

Hello, I kinda like this book but not would put a NO for the hate this book the owner of this had a like or dislike I would put DISLIKE THIS BOOK!!I don’t like this book alot because it is boring I just forgot that I was at school because the story was so boringand I mean it was realyyyyyyyyyyyyyy boring.(. I really don’t like the book alot) Why do people like this story when i don’t even like the story? In reading enrichment my class is reading Charlotte’s Web or Frindle in class.

The problem with the disney princesses is not their femininity. I’m happy for girls to embrace all things pink and sparkly and pretty. It’s about the ugly classism. It’s about the narrative of your full self worth being linked to getting the right man (if he’s working class he’s sure to be evil and a brute or just a little working gnome…but if he’s evil and a brute and rich then that’s awesome and you can hopefully transform him.) It’s the fact that these toys have swallowed up any market for toys for girls that allow them to create their own role play and narrative. It’s about the beliefs that raise attractiveness to the most important quality a woman can have. It’s about the lack of diversity. It’s about so much more than being girly which is awesome for girls who wish to be that.

Essay cinderella man

essay cinderella man


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