Essay on eating healthy

When you know someone like this how do you help them? and what would you suggest doing if there need for control extends to having their children on highly restrictive diets?
I don’t think their health is in immediate danger, unless it gets more restrictive but I am concerned of the long term effect, they are being given the message, all day long, that their bodies are sick and need gut healing and that food makes them unwell/is dangerous. There is no deviation from protocol, and no end of the protocol insight, and it restricts their lives socially.

Exercise is extremely important to staying healthy both in body and mind. Being active can help a person continue to do things they enjoy and be independent as they age. Long term physical activity increases the benefits of long-term health. This is the reason many health experts advise individuals to be as active as possible and to set aside at least three days a week for some form of activity that keeps the heart beating at a steady pace. Physical exercise also has many mental benefits. For example, a person diagnosed with depression or anxiety is most often asked to conduct some form of physical activity apart from taking medication. This is because, the body produces hormones known as endorphins which improve mood and relieve stress. Depression can be alleviated by improving mood and anxiety can be relieved by reducing stress.

Essay on eating healthy

essay on eating healthy


essay on eating healthyessay on eating healthyessay on eating healthyessay on eating healthy