Essay on minamata disease

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The company's "historical overview" in its current website makes no mention of their role in the mass contamination of Minamata and the dreadful aftermath, although a separate section of the website, accessed from the same list as the overview, is devoted to the subject. [12] This section, however, is absent from the English version of the website. Additionally, their 2004 Annual Report reports an equivalent of about US$50 million (5,820 million yen) in "Minamata Disease Compensation Liabilities". From 2000 to 2003, the company also reported total compensation liabilities of over US$170 million. Their 2000 accounts also show that the Japanese and Kumamoto prefectural governments waived an enormous US$560 million in related liabilities. Their FY2004 and FY2005 reports refer to Minamata disease as " Mad Hatter's Disease ", a term coined from the mercury poisoning experienced by hat-makers of the last few centuries (cf Mad Hatter ). [13]

Essay on minamata disease

essay on minamata disease


essay on minamata diseaseessay on minamata diseaseessay on minamata diseaseessay on minamata disease