Essays about gender socialization

Many men consider a women's career as a conflict source having arguments, for instance women will neglect theirs family attributions, the imminent change of man's power and influence, his incertitude concerning the professional competition and the risk to deteriorate the marital relation. Even at first side man and children are felling the stress generated by the new status of woman, she is living an interior conflict as well. Woman need to understand her need for self-accomplishment by going to the work force but the remains of traditional mindset still affect her modern vision as for as the need to be the mother, wife and caregiver. Both men and women in today's workforce are less likely to embrace traditional gender roles than before, working men's stress has raised more dramatically over the years because of increased household and childcare chores. Causing this is the coast of living, that there are many single fathers then before, also we have seen more father running the households'. We have seen the changing in the trends of men's and women's attitudes and actions over the past few decades, showing that changing gender roles have significantly and specifically increased the overall level of work-life conflict experienced by men.

An essential feature of religious experience across many cultures is the intuitive feeling of God's presence. More than any rituals or doctrines, it is this experience that anchors religious faith, yet it has been largely ignored in the scientific literature on religion.

"... [Dr. Wathey's] book delves into the biological origins of this compelling feeling, attributing it to innate neural circuitry that evolved to promote the mother-child bond...[He] argues that evolution has programmed the infant brain to expect the presence of a loving being who responds to the child's needs. As the infant grows into adulthood, this innate feeling is eventually transferred to the realm of religion, where it is reactivated through the symbols, imagery, and rituals of worship. The author interprets our various conceptions of God in biological terms as illusory supernormal stimuli that fill an emotional and cognitive vacuum left over from infancy. 

These insights shed new light on some of the most vexing puzzles of religion, like:

"According to McKinsey, companies with three or more women in senior management scored higher on measures of organizational excellence than companies with no women at the top"(http:///story/20091019/PRN/200910190001PR_NEWS_USPR_____). Companies can further help women in getting to higher positions in a company by introducing a flexible hours scheme for women who have to take care of a family as well. Large corporations can also invest in facilities like child care nurseries/day care. If such facilities are introduced to help women then sky will be the limit for them and we will see more and more women as CEO's (, April 2009). Basically if companies and organizations take steps to provide equal opportunity policies, prevention of sexual harassment policies, diversity management and track and monitor the progress of both men and women on equal grounds then the corporate world will be one step closer to achieving the goals of gender equality (Linda Wirth, February 2002). Further steps which can be taken by companies who want more women leaders need to introduce the following ideas. "Evaluate and reward women's productivity by objective results, not by the number of hours at work" (Alice H. Eagly and Linda L. Carli, September 2007).

Essays about gender socialization

essays about gender socialization


essays about gender socializationessays about gender socializationessays about gender socializationessays about gender socialization