Essays on perseus

In honor of the god Osiris, the kings (pharaohs) of Egypt carry a crook and a flail, the signs of Osiris. The crook especially became the sign of rulers. The crook looked a great deal like a snake and was made out of wood. They used wood because wood was scarce. That made it even more special. From then on, and even today, once each year Isis travels to the riverbank. Remembering, and dreaming, tears fall from her eyes. That is why the Nile River rises each year, to bring life to everyone and everything along the Nile. When Isis cries, the Nile will rise! And that is a very important thing.

The trouble started when someone told the Nereids what she had boasted. The Nereids were the daughters of the sea god, Poseidon. Poseidon told his daughters all the time that they were more beautiful than seashells. Who could possibly be more beautiful than seashells? (Except perhaps for Aphrodite.) They whined to their father about it, and whined and whined until Poseidon, in a fit of rage, flooded the city by the sea, and sent a huge sea serpent to devour the entire population, thinking that would certainly shut his daughters up.

Essays on perseus

essays on perseus


essays on perseusessays on perseusessays on perseusessays on perseus