Future of democracy in pakistan essays

Jason Brennan : An epistocratic system is any kind of system in which one way or another votes are weighted according to knowledge. A cartoon version of it that no one actually advocates would be Plato's rule of philosopher kings. But really the most workable system, the one that I think is actually worth experimenting with is a system in which come election day everybody votes but when they vote they don't simply put down their political preferences, you also give them a quiz of basic political knowledge. And at the same time you get their demographic information. And when you have those three sets of data you are then able to determine statistically what would an enlightened public want if only it were fully informed, while controlling for whatever effects demographics has on our votes. And so this way you can estimate…like, if the Australian public suddenly could get 100% on this quiz, what would they want. And it you're not biasing it according to, say, income or race or any these other things because that's taken care of through this method. Political scientists have been using this kind of method for a long time to study how knowledge affects our behaviour, and so why not just use it to run the show.

There are many more activists and movements that recognise the centrality of sexual rights and bodily integrity: Freedom and Roam Uganda; None on Record; the African Feminist Forum and the various National Forums; artivists such as Zanele Muholi and her Faces and Phases Project; radical academics such as Stella Nyanzi and Pumla Gqola; funding organisations such as the African Women’s Development Fund. These activists and activist organisations are amongst those that are holding the line, and pushing for women and people everywhere to be able to access their full range of bodily, sexual, health and reproductive rights.

Future of democracy in pakistan essays

future of democracy in pakistan essays


future of democracy in pakistan essaysfuture of democracy in pakistan essaysfuture of democracy in pakistan essaysfuture of democracy in pakistan essays