George washington carver essays

Even as an adult Carver spoke with a high pitch. Historian Linda O. McMurry noted that he "was a frail and sickly child" who suffered "from a severe case of whooping cough and frequent bouts of what was called croup." [39] McMurry contested the diagnosis of croup, holding rather that "His stunted growth and apparently impaired vocal chords suggest instead tubercular or pneumococcal infection. Frequent infections of that nature could have caused the growth of polyps on the larynx and may have resulted from a gamma globulin deficiency...until his death the high pitch of his voice startled all who met him, and he suffered from frequent chest congestion and loss of voice." [39]

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George washington carver essays

george washington carver essays


george washington carver essaysgeorge washington carver essaysgeorge washington carver essaysgeorge washington carver essays