Hanna montana essay

the picture iz fak…to yall sayin it is her.. and its a old picture yall need to get yall facts right …. doesnt have tats if u sayin its old she had tats from since she was 18 ..the long one in a foreign language , one in her ear..one on her hand etc…she already had… hair would be either brown and long or a black bob if it was old also.. it was back then young chris as far as i rember was really skinny compared to now which proves its recent…4. if u go on his instagram u see the pic of the same girl which was posted like 87 weeks ago the girl has a big ass tatto down her side which is not shown in this pic..amd lastly jay z himself favourited a guy's tweet stating is not her in the pic and how yall are gulible for the ones who believed it ..which yall are ..yall claim rih is a slut beut cant really confirm…….yall believe evroeyone the media links her to she is dating…how many men has jennifer lopez been linked to ? or any goregeous wprldwide celeberity been linked too…gullible af..i saw a pic of rih and one of her cousins she was sitting on him and ppl in the comments were like.." yall a cute couple" and another was like…"oh she fuckin nobody's now..such a hoe"…i was like wow seriously thats so sad how stupid ppl sound. #facts only

Hanna montana essay

hanna montana essay


hanna montana essayhanna montana essayhanna montana essayhanna montana essay