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Authentic experiences are great, but I would prefer to mix it up a bit. Give them some authentic experiences some days but go ahead and give them some worksheets on others. And I would be careful to avoid any kind of assignments that require parental involvement. All too often we use our own experiences as parents to try and set classroom policy, but not every kid has the same family support. Pretend every kid in class has little parental support and adjust your assignments accordingly., trips to the market are probably okay because every family buys food. At the same time, don't go too far in the other direction and dismiss homework entirely. Kids need a modest/reasonable amount of homework for their own development.

• clean your food cans, making sure there aren’t any sharp edges
• spray paint your cans and lazy susan in the colors you like.
• affix the lazy susan to the bottom of your wooden circle
• place the rubber feet on the bottom of the lazy susan to prevent sliding
• arrange your cans on the top of the lazy susan
• screw the cans onto the lazy susan. the self drilling screws are so easy and go right in.
• whala! you now have a cool homework caddy. fill it up with your homework supplies.

Our whole society keeps trying to turn everything into metrics, worshiping the god of data. It is almost meaningless to discuss the value of summer homework if you aren’t going to discuss how children and their parents spend their summers. Our economy, which worships corporations and not humans, does not need all its citizens to be multi-dimensional, well-developed human beings seriously pursuing happiness. Our economy wants mindless wage slaves that pretty much act like cogs in the corporate machinery. Wool-gathering does not benefit the bottom line plus it is time most parents could be putting pins in widgets at the plant. Mindless wage slaves don’t become parents who have fun hanging out with their kids and exploring the world together.

Homework blog

homework blog


homework bloghomework bloghomework bloghomework blog