Is marxism still relevant today essay

That’s not because they aren’t important in this context. I’m convinced that the debt-based system of unsound fiat money (a socialist money system I might add, or considering that it includes a banking cartel it may actually be more correct to call it crypto-fascist, but in any case, it is a centrally planned coercive system) is probably the biggest problem the market economy faces. Not only that, the system also undermines people’s morale and morals.
I’ll discuss this in another post though – I didn’t want this one to become even more lengthy than it already is, so I focused on what you see above. I’ve been thinking a lot about the enduring popularity of socialism (or statism more generally) and actually have a series of articles on the topic in preparation. We plan to release those over the next few months. You can be sure that debt will be part of that discussion. Stay tuned.

His position on the African-American community is also ambivalent. On the one hand, he cannot shut up about his penchant for black boyfriends. On the other hand, he categorically rejects the grievance-mongering in the African-American subculture exemplified by the Black Lives Matter movement. Then again, he parts with other American conservatives by acknowledging that blacks in America do have legitimate grievances stemming from historic discrimination in the form of Jim Crow and slavery. Because of deep-seated disadvantages, path dependency has militated against the numerous governmental and private efforts to improve the welfare of African-Americans.

Is marxism still relevant today essay

is marxism still relevant today essay


is marxism still relevant today essayis marxism still relevant today essayis marxism still relevant today essayis marxism still relevant today essay