Kindness of holy prophet essay

As with many other prophets of the Hebrew Bible , Jeremiah is also regarded as a prophet in Islam . Although Jeremiah is not mentioned in the Qur'an , Muslim exegesis and literature narrates many instances from the life of Jeremiah and fleshes out his narrative, which closely corresponds with the account given in the Hebrew Bible . In Arabic, Jeremiah's name is usually vocalised Irmiyā , Armiyā or Ūrmiyā , [49] and these forms are occasionally given with madd also ( Irmiyāʾ ). Classical historians such as Wahb ibn Munabbih gave accounts of Jeremiah which turned "upon the main points of the Old Testament story of Jeremiah: his call to be a prophet, his mission to the king of Judah, his mission to the people and his reluctance, the announcement of a foreign tyrant who is to rule over Judah." [50] Moreover, some hadiths and tafsirs narrate that the Parable of the Hamlet in Ruins is about Jeremiah. [51] Also, in Sura 17( Al-Isra ), Ayah 4–7, that is about the two corruptions of children of Israel on the earth, some hadith and tafsir cite that one of these corruptions is the imprisonment and persecution of Jeremiah. [52] According to Ahmadis the memorization of the Qur'an fulfills Jeremiah's prophecy, "I will put my Law within them and I will write it upon their hearts". [53]

Senna ( sana ) --The best species of henna is that from the blessed city of Medina, where it grows plentifully. The chief property of senna is that it strengthens the heart without harshness. Its nobility has caused it to be referred to by the hakims as the Glory of Drugs. Its uses are many--in purgative infusions, decoctions, pills, enemas, and powders. Senna causes the bile to flow, and reaches to the very depths of the joints to balance the essences therein. The most effective use is as a tea, which can be made even more efficacious by adding violet blossoms and crushed red raisins. The Prophet (.) recommended senna most highly, making a statement similar to the one about coriander: that it cures every disease except death itself.

Kindness of holy prophet essay

kindness of holy prophet essay


kindness of holy prophet essaykindness of holy prophet essaykindness of holy prophet essaykindness of holy prophet essay