Mountain pine beetle essays

Infested trees should be cut and removed by early April, before the adult beetles emerge. If infested trees are kept on site after cutting, they should be burned, chipped or sprayed with insecticide as directed above. If kept for firewood, the tree(s) should be cut up, piled in direct sunlight and covered with thick (= 3 mil), clear plastic, making sure all edges are buried. The heat buildup under the plastic will bake the beetles. Keep covered for three months if weather is sunny, longer during cloudy periods. Peeling the bark off firewood is another effective, although difficult, control method.

In many parts of British Columbia and the western United States the infestation is slowing on its own—in some places because there aren’t many trees left to kill. But in Alberta it began more recently. Alberta has about 15 million acres of pines, far fewer than British Columbia, but they’re in vitally important areas, at the sources of mountain rivers that feed the prairies and cities below. If those forests are devastated, the unshaded snow will melt faster, and rivers will crest earlier—before the dry season, when people and ecosystems need the water most.

Mountain pine beetle essays

mountain pine beetle essays


mountain pine beetle essaysmountain pine beetle essaysmountain pine beetle essaysmountain pine beetle essays