Overcoat thesis statement

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I get your point, but who’s to say what constitutes ‘fucked up’? In my view, he has already fucked up by contravening the Constitution when he swore to uphold it last Friday…that, and since then a constant barrage of small-minded, petty, pathetic whinging about ‘everyone in the dishonest press’ being against him…his complete cognitive dissonance regarding his previous whining about Nazis in the face of the CIA at his meeting there…what’s next? How BAD does it have to get for you to call me on having FUBAR’d it?

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Three of us spent the day at  Giles’s flat finishing the preliminary clean so we can see what we are dealing with – Some of the details need sorting, and I’m trying to understand the wiring.  It looks as if a foam cornice was put round the ceiling edge then the flat was completely re-wired in surface mounted trunking including trunking skirting boards, and then a new floor was laid in the living room, butted up to the skirting, then a strip of coving glued on to cover the joint between floor and skirting.  I now need to replace the trunking skirting as I want to skim the walls, and can’t get more sockets to fit that trunking.  All a bit involved – the existing arrangement looks a bit of a mess, as does a lot of the plastic trunking!  I don’t want to rewire the flat, but I think a bit of re-arrangement of the trunking is going to be essential to improve the look of the place.  See post Hanover Court.

Overcoat thesis statement

overcoat thesis statement


overcoat thesis statementovercoat thesis statementovercoat thesis statementovercoat thesis statement