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Correction: I've become skeptical about attributing this quote to Bo Diddley because Cary Grant uses it in the 1947 movie, The Bachelor and the Bobby- soxer. Since the movie would have been filmed in 1946, when Bo Diddley was only 18, it's doubtful he would have already established himself with such prominence to be quoted by the great and famous. I suspect that this is one of those universally used phrases that has been around so long that it would be impossible to discover who originated it.

Originating at the beginning of the nineteenth century, the greenhouse style conservatory was originally used for keeping plants and, as the name suggests, conserving them. Orangeries were another example of this, and were built to house citrus trees during the winter. In the summer months, the doors would be opened, and the trees taken outside. The modern day conservatory, synonymous with home improvement, started to appear towards the end of the nineteenth century, and its purpose started to shift away from plants and towards providing a setting for gatherings, drinks and food. Today, conservatories continue to provide this social function, but can also be a refuge from the rest of the house, to read and relax. The United Kingdom is home to some of the world’s best conservatories such as those at  Kew Gardens , Chatsworth House and the  Eden Project .

Quote yourself in an essay

quote yourself in an essay


quote yourself in an essayquote yourself in an essayquote yourself in an essayquote yourself in an essay