Recovering reason essays in honor

Kathryn has a hustle. Her hustle is all about putting herself out into the public eye presenting herself as a do-gooder in the name of rehabilitating arrested prostitutes- an effective narrative, but based on her online media it is clear that she has no regard for the well being and safety of the women in her program. One shouldn’t need a PhD to understand the circumstances involved, such as the need to protect the identities of the women in her program. Obviously, she is more than willing to exploit people in her program to forward her need to be in the spotlight as well as exploiting them in behalf of Adrian Garcia’s campaign for Mayor.

It is my belief that the internet actually effects what Jeremy Bentham (via Schmalleger, 2009) termed hedonistic calculus. Hedonistic calculus holds that rewards must outweigh risks for individuals to engage in the activity; the anonymity of the internet has a tendency to obfuscate the existence of risks, thereby increasing propensity to become involved in criminal behaviors (Brasswell, McCarthy, & McCarthy, 2008, Schmalleger, 2009). I do not believe regressed pedophiles, who tend to become offenders based on availability, such as Kuhn would be as likely to become engaged in child pornography if it were not for the internet; furthermore, as sexual sadists, including the mysoped child molester, require a large amount of mental conditioning through pornography and gratification, the existence of the internet expedites the progression of a mysoped child molester toward harming children (Holmes & Holmes, 2009, Johnson, 2010).

Some lines of this hymn came to my mind this morning as I was looking to a fresh start for the new year. A review of what Ebenezer meant brought me to this site. I have a stone sitting on my shelf at work – I am going to call it my Ebenezer Stone and look to it often in this new year. It will be a reminder of the Lord who helps me, especially when I am prone to wander from moment-to-moment dependence on Him. I can get so easily overwhelmed with the daily demands and unfinished tasks and try so hard to catch up in my own strength… At the start of this New Year, 2013, I raise my Ebenezer!! Thank you.

Recovering reason essays in honor

recovering reason essays in honor


recovering reason essays in honorrecovering reason essays in honorrecovering reason essays in honorrecovering reason essays in honor