Referencing dissertations

In the reference list, include all illustrations that you have copied from another source and cited in your text.

  • Label the illustration as it appears in the original source , . Table, Figure, etc.
  • Do not abbreviate names, . change Fig. to Figure.
  • Follow the name with an accompanying number or letter , . Table 2 or Figure . The number or letter should be consecutive , according to the order in which you cite it in the text, . the first figure in your text will be numbered Figure 1, the second figure will be Figure 2, etc.
  • Use Arabic numbers only, . use 6 - not vi or six.
In-text citations If you include an illustration in-text, then add a caption below it. This caption should include:

Referencing dissertations

referencing dissertations


referencing dissertationsreferencing dissertationsreferencing dissertationsreferencing dissertations