Reformation thesis topics

History records Martin Luther as a savior of Christianity. He was concerned with the well-being of the Catholic Church and its policy of granting forgiveness through indulgence rather than penance. Luther's actions were neither cinematic nor groundbreaking. The message of 95 Thesis gave the summary and expressed the feelings of many of his peers already had about the corruption of Christ's teachings.
Luther illustrated the spiritual, material, and psychological truths behind abuses in the practice of buying and selling indulgences. He was not out to pick a fight or to have his own way; his purpose was to uphold the truth, for the cause of Christ.

We are now in a position to see how “faith” fits into the picture. It is not human faith, our response to the gospel, that puts God’s righteousness on display. Instead, it is God’s own act in raising Jesus from the dead. This is the likely meaning of the scripture citation from Habakkuk. When Paul quotes the verse that says, “The one who is righteous will live by faith” (v. 17) the reader already knows who this “one” is who “lives” by faith: it is Jesus who was raised from the dead (v. 4).

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Reformation thesis topics

reformation thesis topics


reformation thesis topicsreformation thesis topicsreformation thesis topicsreformation thesis topics