Religion and conflict essays

Reminds me of one Patriots Superbowl when our family was asked to make that Sunday’s poster for the altar of the family mass at our Roman Catholic Church. My father was a natural artist and we quickly had a great slogan and sketch done in minutes. During the opening processional, we watched as our priest turned redder and redder walking towards the altar emblazoned with a larger than life fully colorized Patriots helmet and underneath the words “Jesus Works Miracles!” Everyone had a good laugh about it and I think God did too. Play ball!

Philosophy’s failure to grasp science as a historical tradition is, perhaps, unsurprising. The positivistic philosophy that fails to give us a clear picture of scientific practice grew out of the attempt to make philosophy more scientific. But, like most things, science does not do a very good job of understanding itself. Harrison framed the problem as a failure of philosophy in general; it might be better construed as a failure of a particular self-understanding of philosophy — a failure to maintain its critical independence of scientific practice.

Religion and conflict essays

religion and conflict essays


religion and conflict essaysreligion and conflict essaysreligion and conflict essaysreligion and conflict essays