Rip van winkle essay topics

Crayon might say that the facts are clear enough, even in the biased portrayal, that he can re-present them without the original writer’s bias. What Crayon does is change the perspective from anti-Indian antagonism to seeing the story through the experience of Philip and his defenders. Crayon’s desire to paint a fairer portrait of the American Indians, however, leads him to portray Philip as a kind of American-style hero who fights against the odds for the things he believes in. This version of history seems overly romanticized and biased in a different direction. Crayon is, after all, a storyteller and not the dry kind of historian.

In England, where writing is highly respected and the people believe English writers to be masters of the craft, a writer can make a living is the profession, and he can travel in literary circles and be among the top strata of society. Writers in America at this time, however, are inherently not respected, especially in England, so they cannot successfully write for a living. This means that the writers have lives and professions outside of their books. While Crayon wishes they would be better respected and could support themselves with their literary talent, he apparently sees some virtue in the fact that these people must work and really live before they can write.

Rip van winkle essay topics

rip van winkle essay topics


rip van winkle essay topicsrip van winkle essay topicsrip van winkle essay topicsrip van winkle essay topics