Road rage essays

How can one avoid being the victim of road rage? There are no surefire means of avoiding an aggressive driver but there are some basic principals that can definitely help. First of all try your best not to offend the other drivers that are on the road with you. Avoid cutting other drivers off. Make sure you have plenty of room behind and in front of you when you need to merge into a different lane. Always use turn signals the proper distance before your turn. If some one happens to cut you off in traffic, be courteous to them and give them some space to merge over in front of you. Always avoid driving slowly in the left lane because this can cause serious traffic issues and can cause other drivers to become upset with you very quickly.

Research has come to show there is little or no evidence that road rage results in widespread injury or death to motorists. Experts have come to this conclusion because studies cannot determine if injury was due to rage, injury found to be caused by rage is deemed assault, and the statistics of road rage. A lot of studies done on injuries on the road due to road rage have been deemed inconclusive. These are inconclusive results because those who were involved in an accident, about 88% of the time, were unable to determine whether it was just an accident or rage that caused the injury (/). Any road injury that is due to road rage is not called road rage lawfully. If any injury does occur and is determined to be due to road rage it is actually assault. The statistics of road rage also defer the connection to injury. The stats on road ragers’ is at a pretty low number because the injuries are determined to be incurred under a form of criminal assault. Experts have found no correlation between

As it can be seen, road rage is a rather widespread phenomenon on the roads of the United States. First noticed by media in the late 1980s, it quickly became one of the main traffic problems in the United States. In some states—California, for example—road rage is already treated as a crime. Drivers subject to road rage are usually young, and suffer from IED, which can cause them to behave uncontrollably. Therefore, the best tactics against such a driver would be to avoid eye contact and not to respond with aggression towards their behavior.

Road rage essays

road rage essays


road rage essaysroad rage essaysroad rage essaysroad rage essays