Sociological topics for research paper

In the fall of 2011, the ASA launched its "Sociology in Wikipedia" initiative. Erik Olin Wright , President of the American Sociological Association, called for improvement in sociological entries in Wikipedia . He asked that professors and students to get more involved by having Wikipedia-writing assignments in class. The basic goal set forth by the initiative is to make it easier for sociologists to contribute to Wikipedia. In conjunction with the Wikimedia Foundation and a research group at Carnegie Mellon University , the ASA developed its Wikipedia Portal in an attempt to achieve the initiative’s goal by providing tutorials on how to contribute, video discussions of norms and procedures, and lists of articles and subject areas that need improvement. The Wikipedia Portal also provides instructions for professors on how to use Wikipedia writing assignments for academic courses. The overall goal of the initiative is for sociologists to become involved in the writing and editing processes to ensure that social science articles are up-to-date, complete, accurate, and written appropriately. [22]

Since its founding as a social science, sociology has addressed issues having to do with the causes and consequences of societal change. The classical texts of sociology framed the grand perspectives and questions that continue to motivate and guide sociological inquiry. At the center of sociology’s agenda is a multi-faceted interest in mechanisms of social and institutional change. What drives the diffusion of rational myths, institutionalized practices and cultural beliefs of advanced industrial economies in an emergent world society? What are the consequences of diffusion of rational capitalism and organizational forms in non-Western countries? Why is human migration an endemic feature of the global economic order and what are the consequences of a world on the move? What accounts for ‘blending’ and ‘segregating’ social dynamics in heterogeneous populations? How and why do race and gender matter in understanding social inequalities? What mechanisms drive collective action aimed at addressing social problems and inequalities? Where does trust and cooperation come from? What explains counter-movements aimed at pushing back societal change? What is the role of political actors and the state in social and institutional change?

Sociological topics for research paper

sociological topics for research paper


sociological topics for research papersociological topics for research papersociological topics for research papersociological topics for research paper