Steps to write opinion essay

A ‘critical metal’ is one that has important economic uses, but which also faces supply risks for geopolitical or environmental and sustainability reasons. The constrained nature of critical metals supply means proposed solutions to the problem commonly involve reducing demand and therefore reliance, via recycling, substitution and thrifting. However, most critical metals are presently only small markets and therefore such an approach ignores the potential of transformational market growth to reduce supply risk, by creating large, diverse, transparent markets with multiple sources of primary mine supply, akin to modern base metals markets. Research is therefore required into which critical metals have the greatest potential for such transformational market growth. This study therefore conducts an evaluation of 49 critical metals to determine which are nearest to the combined breakthroughs in discovery, supply and demand that may lead to transformational market growth. The study concludes that 13 markets from the 49 critical metals, being magnesium, silicon, barium, boron, lithium, cobalt, chromium, vanadium, gallium, strontium, cerium, lanthanum and scandium have the highest potential for transformational market growth and thus efforts to resolve supply risk in these markets may be better focussed on overcoming current market constraints and growing these markets, rather than lessening reliance by reducing demand. ( http:///doi/full// )

Hi! this is my first comment on this site! First of all I want to say I m a big fan of it! I love the articles and the tips! Maybe my comment is offtopic but I really need a suggestion…I m Italian with a discrete level of English and I would like start writing short stories in English…is that crazy? I mean, …I already know I will need time to reach a level of English that allow me to write at least a decent story( I don’t live in a country where I’m surrounded by English people,even if I use English sometimes for job )…and I know I will hardly get the confidence I can have writing in my native language but I really would like to do that in order to better take advance of this community!

For example:
(1) Don’t communicate with ALL-UPPER CASE sentences.
(2) When talking about yourself, do not use lower-case ‘i’ but instead use upper-case ‘I’.
(3) When starting a new sentence, start with an upper-case character.
(4) A sentence that consist of several uses of the word ‘and’ could be made easier to read by the appropriate use of the comma or the semicolon. Do you know how to use them? if not you should learn it.
(5) Do not use a full-stop / period ‘.’ unless you are terminating a sentence.
(6) Don’t try to teach people how to write if you cannot write effectively yourself. Teachers have responsibilities to teach good practice and promote high standards.
(7) Don’t include unnecessary words or terminology. If you can describe the point you are trying to make without use of such words, then leave them out.
(8) Don’t ask your friends or family to review your work (unless of course, they are critical in their feedback). I prefer critical, constructive and honest feedback so that I am made aware of my errors and have the opportunity to learn from them.

Steps to write opinion essay

steps to write opinion essay


steps to write opinion essaysteps to write opinion essaysteps to write opinion essaysteps to write opinion essay