Thesis for pro choice on abortion

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The fact that Harman’s view doesn’t explain what she says it can explain is devastating because she offers no other positive defense of it—not in her 1999 article on the topic, nor in a 2008 panel presentation , nor in the 2017 interview now going viral. And I can’t imagine what positive defense she could offer. Some think a certain kind of rational potential is what grounds moral status. Others say actual (not just potential) consciousness is what matters, because it determines whether killing will in fact cause someone pain or thwart desires or goals or preferences she’s had the self-awareness to form. Harman can’t rely on these explanations of why actual consciousness is key, since she thinks being actually conscious down the road gives you moral status now, before you’ve ever felt or desired a single thing. But in that case, why insist that the consciousness must become actual at all, rather than embracing the view that mental potential is enough to ground moral status in every case?

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Thesis for pro choice on abortion

thesis for pro choice on abortion


thesis for pro choice on abortionthesis for pro choice on abortionthesis for pro choice on abortionthesis for pro choice on abortion