Topics for college entry essays

I don’t know how it works in the States but here in Europe, these 10 topics and a lot more are covered extensively when studying pharmacy. Sure, you’d be a pharmacist afterwards but could do a PhD in microbiology, biology, or even organic chemistry. Though, should you decide to do a PhD in pharmacy, then I guess it would be advisable chose either pharmaceutical/galenic formulation or analytics. It seems to me as if the industries (in general) always think that as a pharmacist you’re only good for these two things, as well as for regulatory affairs and clinical trials.

Introduces chemical principles and applies them to environmental issues. Covers the fundamental principles, concepts, and language of general, organic, inorganic, and biochemistry. Addresses topics associated with matter/energy, nuclear chemistry, air and water quality, and wastes. Laboratories will include sampling, analysis, and generation of statistically-valid data while preparing students to think like environmental scientists. Environmental Sustainability Designation: Course content related to the study of sustainable development.

Topics for college entry essays

topics for college entry essays


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