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Writer Unboxed began as a collaboration between aspiring novelists Therese Walsh and Kathleen Bolton in January, 2006. They often dissected complex books and movies, analyzing what made them work so well, and had even written and published an article about Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings . When a second article idea was rejected, they decided to create their own forum where they could publish their observations anytime they wished. Writer Unboxed was born. They’re thrilled the site now includes contributors from all walks–from the not-yet-published to bestselling authors and industry leaders–and that it’s grown into such a rich community for writers.

Paul Johnson has been married to the psychotherapist and former Labour Party parliamentary candidate Marigold Hunt, daughter of Dr. Thomas Hunt, physician to Winston Churchill , Clement Attlee and Anthony Eden , since 1958. They have three sons and a daughter: the journalist Daniel Johnson , a freelance writer, editor of Standpoint magazine, and previously associate editor of The Daily Telegraph, who is married to the writer and birth educator Sarah Johnson née Thompson; Luke Johnson , businessman and former chairman of Channel 4 Television; Cosmo Johnson; and Sophie Johnson-Clark, who has worked as a television script editor and now resides in the US and is married to Spike Vrusho (aka Mike Clark), the underground sportswriter and author. Paul and Marigold Johnson have ten grandchildren. Marigold Johnson's sister, Sarah, an art historian, married the journalist, former diplomat and politician George Walden ; their daughter, novelist Celia Walden , is the wife of television presenter and former newspaper editor Piers Morgan . [29]

Writer evultion

writer evultion


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